Hiking in Kisaichi

A big thank you to Nozomi for taking us hiking in the beautiful mountains at Kisaichi. After some minor confusion about the trains we made it to the tiny station, bought lunch from the small shop next door – reminiscent of outback roadhouses, a little bit of everything you might need – and began our walk.


Initially we’d planned to use the climbing wall about halfway up the trail, but it turned out there were compulsory safety/training sessions that had to be completed first. So, no. We stopped and ate lunch there, then continued up the path to the massive suspension bridge that spans the gap between two hills. Unfortunately it was closed that day, so we enjoyed the view and then began our descent. Chatted to some lovely local ladies who were out for a walk, with their little English and our little Japanese.


Heading back toward the station, we detoured to visit a beautiful shrine – Hoshida Myoken -perched on top of (a lot of) stone steps. A steep climb, but worth it for the view and the peaceful atmosphere.


It took some asking directions, but we made it to the JR station eventually to catch the train home. Thanks Nozomi! šŸ™‚


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