Lawrence Fam in Japan

Wonderful to have Mum, Dad and Will visit me in Osaka! Grace was unable to join, off on her own adventures in Chile. We tried to squeeze in as much as we could in the week-and-a-bit that they were here. Explored Osaka as much as possible in a few days:

Okinomiyaki dinner in Higashimikuni
The average madness in Shinsaibashi/Namba

Very lucky to be able to go skiing in Karuizawa with the ‘Japanese’ branch of the family! Great to see cousins that we haven’t seen for a long time as well as getting to know new additions to our family who until that point had only been photos and good stories. Always wonderful to spend that time with family, especially when it is increasingly infrequent as we all grow up.


Thursday afternoon after my classes finished we hopped on the Shinkansen (exciting!) and met everyone for dinner in Tokyo before continuing on to Karuizawa.


Being the first week (possibly even the first day…) of ski season, there was very little real snow. But for Australians who never see snow (and had mostly never skied before) it was so much fun! By the afternoon even Will and his broken arm had the hang of it.


A night’s stopover in Tokyo on the way back, then back onto the Shinkansen to Osaka. Before the famliy had to leave again we also visited Nara, which is always fun – everyone enjoyed feeding and petting the deer, and it was nice for me to revisit Todai-ji.


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