Yatai Festival

Sunday was the final day of the Yatai Festival – a food stall festival held in the park below Osaka Castle (which I am yet to explore…). You pay for a sheet of tickets, each of them worth 100 yen, then hand the appropriate amount of tickets to the vendors as payment. Most of the food items were between 500 and 1000 yen ($6.50-$13) for, generally, quite small portions. How much food you got for your money varied quite a lot from stall to stall.



It was a scorching hot day so I started out with this shaved ice and mango treat (can’t go wrong with cold mango in the hot sun!) SO GOOD. There really weren’t many vegetarian options – lots of octopus tentacles and offal, all apparently delicious – so I ended up eating pizza (not very adventurous or Japanese… but still delicious!)


There was also a stage set up with entertainment – when we arrived, there was a boy band onstage and a lot of Japanese girls squealing, some of them wearing the band’s faces in frames around their necks. Intense.


It was a very hot day and there wasn’t much shade in the park, so we didn’t stay for very long. The park was also getting crowded as more and more people arrived to enjoy the festival, meaning the queues just kept getting longer – especially for the icecream and other cold food items! It was a fun morning though, and I’m looking forward to visiting the castle on a cooler day.

Elise xx

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